A blast from the past

Recently I had a bout of nostalgia and wanted to relieve the 90s, thankfully this was limited to playing games.

My options were a Sega Saturn which I’ve had in storage for a few good years, when I last felt nostalgic, or a Sega Master System. I decided on taking out the Sega Saturn instead, so I could play games like Dragon Force, Shining Force 3, Street Fighter Zero 3, Sega Rally just to name a few.

Sega Saturn games console

Sega Saturn with games collection sample

Having had the console in storage for a while, there was some nerve racking moments after plugging it to my Plasma TV, there wasn’t video output, thankfully I had a spare TV and worked out the issue was my Plasma TV ext scart connection and not the console.

However after trying an import game I realised my Action Replay 5 in 1 cart wasn’t working, which meant I wasn’t able to play import games from Japan like Street Fighter Alpha Zero 3, after some googling and opening the console up I discovered that all I needed to do was to plug cart all the way in and then raise it up a few millimetres from it’s slot. Easy peasy.

Opened Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn without case top

Having played for a few days some of the best Sega Saturn games for a while, I grew a stronger want to play Dreamcast games, the only problem, I didn’t own a Dreamcast in years.

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