WizzAir problem with National ID without an Issue Date

Plane wing

Flying high above the sky.

So I was going to do a long post about this issue, but seeing as I found the solution I thought it might be beneficial to just post the solution.

So if you have a National ID or Citizen Card and your ID does not have a start/issue date, you won’t be able to check-in through WizzAir website, the start/issue date is a requirement and is not optional. So as an example, if you happen to have a Portuguese “Cartão do Cidadão” Citizen Card, it does not have a issue date only an expiry date, you will be prevented from performing check-in on their website as the Issue Date entry will drop-down a calendar for you to choose a date and won’t let you save the details until that has been entered.

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A blast from the past

Recently I had a bout of nostalgia and wanted to relieve the 90s, thankfully this was limited to playing games.

My options were a Sega Saturn which I’ve had in storage for a few good years, when I last felt nostalgic, or a Sega Master System. I decided on taking out the Sega Saturn instead, so I could play games like Dragon Force, Shining Force 3, Street Fighter Zero 3, Sega Rally just to name a few.

Sega Saturn games console

Sega Saturn with games collection sample

Having had the console in storage for a while, there was some nerve racking moments after plugging it to my Plasma TV, there wasn’t video output, thankfully I had a spare TV and worked out the issue was my Plasma TV ext scart connection and not the console.

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